What will you get when you choose “Study Plan International” consulting service for Secondary education?

During the first consultation we discuss the client’s expectations. During this consultation, you will learn a lot about different countries and their educational systems, their rankings, funding options, career prospects, and some practical aspects of living in the country. You will also have an opportunity to receive answers to all your questions, and then we will discuss our further co-operation aspects.

The process of further cooperation: during the second meeting we will establish the client’s personal expectations and choose the best secondary education options. Then, we prepare for the submission of documents. Firstly, we lay out the action plan, provide the list of the required application documents, offer preparation guidelines and examples, and establish deadlines for the actions. We aim at a high-quality preparation of the admission documents and we devote enough time to carefully proofread and check your written documents. All your written assignments can be assessed and edited by a foreign language specialist for an additional fee. The translation of the necessary documents into other languages will also be arranged for you. The number of meetings is not limited, as we meet and discuss as much as it may be necessary.

The next step is to submit your application. We coordinate and fill in all applications and the required forms.

Then we look forward to the responses from the high schools, and we regularly contact them.

If a visa is required, we help you in the process of receiving it. We will provide the information about the necessary documents and even fill out the visa application forms. We also provide information on housing and successful settling in the country, for example, registration, healthcare, public transport, and other.

We also assist you in planning your trip there by booking the tickets for air and land transport, as well as organising meeting you at the station or airport.

Even after a student leaves abroad, our communication continues. We give consultations on a regular basis and answer all the questions that may arise.