Personal success largely depends on education. Prestigious and qualitative institutions grant more advantages and allow a person to acquire higher status in the rapidly-changing business market globally. Most governments in the Western countries invest heavily in the development of their education system and create excellent learning conditions. Studies abroad offer not only learning with qualified and motivated academic staff, the latest and the most advanced technologies, but also exceptional career possibilities, as well as invaluable personal impressions and memories.

It is estimated that there are over 100 thousand different higher education institutions in the world. It goes without saying that choosing the right institution for a young person may be too challenging a task.

The main aim of the project “Study Plan International” is to select from the wide list the educational institution which exactly meets the professional requirements and the expectations of a person.

Countries usually chosen for studies by the Lithuanian students are Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Russia.

“Study Plan International” also provides information on the countries that may seem distant, but which offer prestigious higher education: South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Israel, China, and others.

What is more, “Study Plan International” introduces you to the ranking of the higher education institutions which appear among the most trusted international and national ratings.

Bachelor Studies

Bachelor studies are undergraduate studies, usually lasting 3-4 years. Bachelor’s Degree is the first step towards future success.

Applicants must present a Maturity Certificate and demonstrate a required level of language knowledge. When applying to some universities or countries, it may be necessary to submit a Cover Letter (or a Letter of Motivation), write an essay, provide recommendations, participate in an interview, or take a test on a variety of logic skills.

Most students who go abroad choose European countries for their undergraduate studies, while only few know about study opportunities outside Europe. The entrants often approach with a lot of questions about the most suitable universities, their advantages and benefits, looking for a place which will be able to meet their expectations. Students also often worry whether they are suitable candidates to enter their chosen institution.

With the professional assistance of “Study Plan International”, a young person can definitely enter the educational institution that will match his expectations perfectly.

Master Studies

This is a post-graduate course lasting 1-2 years. It helps to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the undergraduate studies, at the same time providing new ideas and offering broader career perspectives. Depending on the individual wishes of the client, we select the most relevant Master study options.

Register for a Consultation

What Will You Get When You Choose “Study Plan International” Higher Education Consultancy Service?

During the first meeting which lasts for an hour and a half, the expectations of the client are discussed and the most suitable options for studies around the world are presented. The opportunities for studying abroad are selected based on many factors, such as personal characteristics of a young person, individual desires, unique abilities, academic achievements, and financial possibilities. During this consultation, you will learn a lot about different countries and their educational systems, the most recommended higher education institutions, their ratings, entry requirements, funding options, career prospects, and some practical aspects of living in the country. You will also have an opportunity to receive answers to all your questions. During this meeting, we will provide you with the guidance on the sources for the independent and in-depth knowledge of all information.

The process of further cooperation: during the second meeting we will establish the client’s personal expectations and choose the best secondary education options. Then, we prepare for the submission of documents. Firstly, we lay out the action plan, provide the list of the required application documents, offer preparation guidelines and examples, and establish deadlines for the actions. We aim at a high-quality preparation of the admission documents and we devote enough time to carefully proofread and check your written documents. All your written assignments can be assessed and edited by a foreign language specialist for an additional fee. The translation of the necessary documents into other languages will also be arranged for you. The number of meetings is not limited, as we meet and discuss as much as it may be necessary.

The next step is to submit your admission application. We coordinate and fill in all applications and the required forms. Then we look forward to the responses from the higher education institutions, and we regularly contact them. After we receive the responses, we continue our advisory work. We consult about choosing the most suitable university options for your future studies according to the priorities.

The later stage requires to process financial documents. Any applications for study loans or scholarships are submitted at this stage, if necessary. We contact higher education institutions to ensure the maximum financial coverage for you.

If you need a student visa, we help you in the process of receiving it. We will provide the information about the required documents and even fill out the visa application forms. We will also help you to book a student dormitory room. If you wish to live in a private housing, we will advise you about finding the most suitable place. 

What is more, we will provide you with useful information for a successful settling in the country, for example, registration, working opportunities, health care, peculiarities of public transport, and other. We also assist you in planning your trip there by booking the tickets for air and land transport.

Even after a student leaves abroad, our communication continues. We give consultations on a regular basis and answer all the questions that may arise.