Olga Cech

University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Bachelor: Architecture

I think I was especially fortunate to have met Aleksandr. Since my studying destination was in Asia, not Europe, I needed a reliable and expert study advisor to help me select the most suitable study options and to understand a different admission system, and the advice I received from Aleksandr exceeded my expectations. Aleksandr offered me architectural studies at one of the best-rated universities in the world, the University of Hong Kong. He helped me not to get lost in the confusing labyrinths of the Asian system, helped to thoroughly arrange the admission documents, and answered all my questions during the whole process. Thanks to him, my dream has come true and I am currently living and doing my favourite work in an architecture studio in Hong Kong, the Asian megapolis. Admission to higher education schools is a very important stage for many young people, and, with a such a person as Aleksandr, all the process goes smoothly. I highly recommend A. Feldmanas’ consulting services.

Jonas Černeckis

University of Cambridge (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Natural Sciences

Aleksandr Feldmanas offered the most suitable universities for me, after discussing other alternatives and explaining the differences of all educational institutions. Although initially it seemed that there were a lot of suitable programs and universities, after the consultation it was very easy to choose the option which was the most suitable for my needs. In my opinion, it is very important to trust the specialist who helps to arrange the admission documents, as your success of entering a university can depend on the qualitative arrangement of the process. I felt lucky to have found a specialist like Mr Feldmanas, as I could rely on his competence, experience, and professionalism. Not only does he know well the requirements of each institution’s admission system, but also he helps to make the application exceptional, revealing the genuine personality of the applicant. During the process, Mr Feldmanas answered all the questions precisely and clearly. Very often, entrance to higher education is a disturbingly stressful stage for students and their parents, however, knowing that they can always get the answers they need has greatly facilitated this process.

Karolina Vitkevičiūtė

University of Sydney (Australia)
Bachelor: Medical Science

Every year there are so many students seeking to enter foreign universities, and often it is a complicated and time-consuming process. Nevertheless, I did not have to experience the intricacies about the details, because I entrusted the process to Aleksandr Feldmanas. Aleksandr informs you in detail about all possible choices and offers that which meets your expectations, and ultimately ensures that the admission process becomes extremely smooth. This professional assistance was especially useful and necessary at that important time for me. So, today I am happy to be able to recommend these services to every future student.

Ignas Žydelis

University of the Arts London – Central Saint Martins (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Product Design

Aleksandr Feldmanas’ services were very helpful to me. Without his help, I certainly would not have picked up the best options nor perfectly completed the application documents – his contribution was really valuable. Mr Feldmanas provided all the necessary assistance and information, as well as communicated with the university representatives on various issues. I am very pleased with the university I was offered, and I sincerely recommend his services.

Simona Gromovaitė

University of Edinburgh (Great Britain - Scotland)
Bachelor: Biological Sciences (Genetics)

Aleksandr Feldmanas is a true specialist in his field. His work is impeccable, he knows his area perfectly, he is reasonably confident in his own efforts, and most important and pleasant are his kindness and friendliness with the client. Aleksandr greatly facilitated the process of entering the university and absolutely reduced the stress. I was very pleased to work with him. I am very grateful to him for the quality of the services provided and I would definitely recommend him as an excellent education expert.

Veranika Boukun

University of Oldenburg (Germany)
Bachelor: Engineering Physics

Aleksandr helped me to join a German university in Oldenburg. I and my parents did not know where to start, because a lot of documents were needed to enter a university in this country. Aleksandr helped me very professionally to ascertain my needs and suggested the most suitable options, with Oldenburg being one of them. Mr Feldmanas helped me in the further stage of the admission, and eventually, I successfully entered the university – I am very pleased and happy to be here.

Erika Chursina

Falmouth University (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management

I am very grateful to Aleksandr Feldmanas for helping me with the choice of studies and the arrangement of the entering process. I decided to study in the UK the last minute, and thanks to Aleksandr, I succeeded in entering successfully and on time. All the necessary and accurate information was provided, all the work was carried out professionally, from A to Z, and his sincere communication encouraged to address any matter of concern. I have no doubt that Mr Feldmanas’ counselling assistance was one of the most important investments in my career.

Bertina Dragūnaitė

King’s College London (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Pharmacology and Genetics

Like many graduates, at the beginning of my school year I was worried and doubtful; I did not know how to start the search of universities and the filling of documentation, I was also concerned about the choice of speciality. Thanks to Aleksandr Feldmanas, who guided me throughout all this process: he assisted with everything I needed, helped to understand what I really wanted and to choose the most suitable universities for me, and showed the way in the labyrinths of documents. From the start till the end, I was accompanied by a highly professional assistance, sincere explanations, as well as friendly support and care that did not stop even after starting the university path.

Povilas Samitovas

University of Manchester (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Accounting and Finance

I always dreamed of studying abroad, because I knew that there were far more opportunities. Aleksandr helped me perfectly with this plan! At the end of the eleventh class, he advised me what and how I should learn. What is more, he offered the best countries and emphasised the differences of them. I did not have to think hard to decide that Great Britain was the most suitable option for me. After that, I immediately received well-reasoned university offers for my area of​ interest. It was this stage when Aleksandr helped me most: he answered dozens of my letters daily about the details of each university. And here I am! I am incredibly satisfied with the university – thank you very much for the professionalism!

Tomas Zinkevič

University of Manchester (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Mechanical Engineering

Aleksandr Feldmanas is a real professional. Thanks to his help and experience, I chose the best university. Aleksandr provided all the necessary information, perfectly filled all the admission documents, and communicated with the university representatives. Communication with Mr Feldmanas was always at the highest level. He responded quickly and accurately to all questions, often organized individual meetings where we discussed the progress of learning and the admissions process. I am very pleased with Aleksandr’s contribution to my accession and, of course, to the future career. I surely recommend his services.

Lukas Bieliauskas

University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Bachelor: International Business

Aleksandr Feldmanas helped not only to find the most suitable university for me, to organize and send all the documents, but also to find a place to live in a new city. I am really glad that I approached Aleksandr because the admission system for some universities seemed very complicated.

Karolina Kulbytė

University of Groningen (Netherlands)
Master: Human Movement Sciences

Aleksandr Feldmanas is a true professional, expert of his field. We chose the study program most suitable for me, which I am very pleased with! He provided very detailed information, helped to fill in the documents, and answered all questions. If you have concerns about studying, if you want to quickly and easily submit your entry documents to universities abroad without getting lost in some complicated procedures, I sincerely recommend you to contact Aleksandr. Thank you very much for the light on the study path!

Modestas Motiejūnas

University of Southampton (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Physics

Aleksandr Feldmanas is a true professional, expert of his field. We chose the study program most suitable for me, which I am very pleased with! He provided very detailed information, helped to fill in the documents, and answered all questions. If you have concerns about studying, if you want to quickly and easily submit your entry documents to universities abroad without getting lost in some complicated procedures, I sincerely recommend you to contact Aleksandr. Thank you very much for the light on the study path!

Andrėja Šlekytė

University of Vienna (Austria)
Bachelor: Business Management and Economics

In the middle term of the twelfth grade, I did not notice how quickly the deadline for admission to foreign universities came. I referred to Aleksandr Feldmanas for his professional understanding and instructions of how, first of all, these complex accession documents should be completed. After the first meeting, I left his office not only with the understanding of the admission process, but also with a clear vision of what experiences await me while studying, and what were the prospects after the graduation of the university. I had the opportunity to refer to him for every unclear matter, and I received precise answers promptly. I was extremely satisfied with Aleksandr’s work!

Martinas Raižys

Cass Business School – City, University of London (Great Britain)
Bachelor: Accounting and Finance

I could describe the work of Aleksandr Feldmanas in one word – perfect. His professional assistance and sincere communication really helps for an undecided student to choose the right direction for studies and the educational institution that best suits his abilities and financial capacity. The support of Mr Feldmanas was invaluable: he helped me to enter one of the world’s best business schools in London and pursue a prestigious finance speciality here. I am sure I would not have been able neither to accomplish this in time, nor to fulfil the requirements properly. I am absolutely grateful, and I definitely recommend his services.