Aleksandr Feldmanas is a professional consultant for studies abroad, the founder and CEO of Study Plan International

I am a certified ICEF (International Consultants for Education & Fairs) consultant for studies abroad. During my career, I have completed trainings and improved my qualification in educational conferences and seminars in Miami, London, Sydney, Moscow, Berlin, Barcelona, Singapore, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Geneva, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Auckland and other major cities of the world.

Study Plan International is my personal project designed for people seeking career advancements. At Study Plan International, I provide high-quality consulting services in the area of​ education. My main goal is to offer people of all ages the best possible educational options around the world in order to assist them to reach their goals. For this reason, I first and foremost determine the clients’ situation: their needs, expectations, personal and academic skills as well as financial capabilities.

My aim is to ascertain that each of my clients, from excellent students to those who struggle with their academic achievements, receive the most advantageous study offer. I strongly believe that every person has the right to high-quality education.

I advise on secondary, vocational, higher education as well as on language programs abroad. I also advise on career planning and help young people to decide on the most appropriate career choices. Having worked in this area for over 10 years, I still regularly improve my knowledge about the latest global trends in education, therefore, I convey only useful and relevant information.

As I have visited over 60 countries in the world and maintain further contact with the representatives of their educational institutions, I have all the opportunities to acquire first-hand knowledge about the peculiarities of their educational systems, programs, and best choices. It allows me to offer my clients the options of studies abroad that will fit their needs.

Some of my greatest achievements are not only excellent testimonials of my clients, but also the fact that Study Plan International has already established links with the world’s best educational institutions.